We all know that planning is vital to achieving specific business goals. It sets a foundation, helps build out a roadmap of action items and keeps you accountable. Planning also ensures you as a business owner, make informed decisions, to stick to your marketing budget, and provides a framework to test and measure.

Right now, your parent franchise brand is investing a significant amount into marketing on your behalf. By doing your own local store level planning, you can proactively leverage that investment to drive results directly to your business.

Types of Franchise Marketing Planning

Here at The Marketing Lab, we break down marketing planning into two distinct types: Strategic and Tactical.

1. Strategic planning is about understanding your market, understanding your offering and your differentiators, and researching the marketing options available to you in your local area. Armed with this knowledge you are better placed to make the right decisions about what specific activities are best for your store at any given time. This type of review should be done every 12-24 months, to ensure that your marketing direction is still aligned to your business goals and the state of the market.

2. Tactical planning is deciding what actual campaigns you are going to do. Normally taking the shape of a Quarterly or 90 Day Plan, these are the marketing activities that you will undertake to promote your business. Aligned to your marketing budget, this type of planning really does allow for easy activation of marketing, as you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. This is the time you take note of your parent franchise marketing activities, finding ways to extend the power of their marketing investment to drive enquiry into your specific business. A quarterly or 90 day marketing plan helps you be consistent with your marketing, something vital to your ongoing success.


We’ve created a 3 step pathway that quickly and cost effectively takes you from marketing planning to marketing implementation.


Local Opportunity Plan

Your Local Opportunity Plan is a blueprint for all of the local marketing options available in your area. Totally customised for your business, this report covers 11 core activities that are the foundations of local area marketing. Our research of local opportunities and our contacts with different media outlets lets us build a consolidated marketing snapshot tailored to your and your market.


Quarterly Plan

The Quarterly Plan outlines all the specific marketing activities and their activation dates. Each quarter a marketing specialist will take you through our recommendations, and with your input, we’ll build out a document that shows the options and activities for the next 90 days.



If you need help getting your activities into market, we can help you with Implementation. Our national buying power and strong media partnerships ensures our rates are very competitive. This means we can get your business into your local area quickly and cost effectively.

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