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As a Franchisee your parent Franchise is likely to be investing heavily in Google AdWords to drive leads and traffic to your business. With the recent revamp of Google My Business you can make sure that locally, your business is at the top of the organic (unpaid) results.  This is because recently the Google algorithm has changed and local relevance is king!

Google My Business has a stack of features that help make sure potential customers can find and assess the information they need: phone and address, open and close times, products sold, payment methods accepted, as well as Google Reviews. All of these features are perfect for your digital local area marketing.

It makes sense that Google would want to present a search result that shows updated information, positive reviews and accurate locations, and they are rewarding those businesses that make the time to do this.  While the Google algorithm is always changing, and relies on other online reputation variables to show search results, this recent change means that for the right search words, in the right local location, your franchise can really stand out.

So what can Google My Business do for your local franchise?

  • Increase your local awareness and engagement
  • Generate customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Get you on the top of page for qualified, actively searching customers

 So Why Should You Act Now?

According to research done by Rialto Mobile and Bright Local, 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day. This means that your customers are turning online to find out about your franchise and are making decisions about your franchise, while they are there.

What do you need to do with Google for your franchise marketing?

First up you need to claim or confirm management your Franchise’s Google My Business page. Simply googling: Google My Business will get you started. Once in, make sure all of your information is correct, and complete as much info as you can (you can even include coupons and specials now). From there you need to keep an eye on your Google Reviews. You want to be encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews and you need to actively be responding to them. Remember – accurate and relevant content is what Google is looking for, so staying active in your Google My Business account is really important.

And of course, if you aren’t keen on managing this process yourself, The Marketing Lab is here to help. Our Digital Management Solutions allow you to engage us for vital local online marketing support, in a way that suits your business. From managing your online listing data for platforms like Google My Business and protecting your online reputation, to running your social media and building paid Facebook advertising campaigns, our team can assist you with your local marketing plans.

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