We’ve worked with hundreds of franchise and licensed businesses just like yours. While each brand approaches things a little differently, there are some common themes that are fairly consistent when it comes to marketing.


  • want to know that their brand is always protected
  • look for partners that are an extension of their team
  • need skilled, holistic support that can fill resource gaps
  • want speed, accuracy and flexibility in delivery of work
  • would prefer to work with people who understand franchising


  • are busy, so finding the time to plan and action marketing is a challenge
  • want recommendations from a marketing expert, but they want to stay in control
  • are happy to invest in marketing, but they also want flexibility and choice
  • want to know that they can speak with someone and work through ideas

With this in mind, The Marketing Lab structures our services in a way that works for the people we partner with. Our goal is to offer value and flexibility, but never compromising on quality. We can partner with clients in 3 ways:

Do It Yourself: You are capable of taking care of things and just want strategic advice
Do It Together: We provide advice around planning and are here to help on campaigns when you need us
Do It For You: Full service planned marketing, where we take care of everything

The Marketing Lab is fortunate to be the trusted partner of some of Australia’s most iconic brands. Even though we work with big name brands, we never lose sight of the fact that often we are supporting small businesses. Because The Marketing Lab has been built on delivering value to owner operators, we ensure our tools, systems and processes are set up to streamline the work we do. Our aim is to demonstrate the perfect balance of quality, brand integrity, and speed, all underpinned by value.

As a full service agency we really can help with anything marketing related. In fact, it is our knowledge of franchise local area marketing and our ability to leverage industry contracts that often allows us to solve a unique problem or work miracles on tight deadlines.

Some of our lab partners