Franchisees are part of the social fabric of their community, and local area marketing is the cornerstone of driving growth for those businesses. Having meaningful conversations with the people that work, live and play right where a business operates builds trust and engagement, and in turn loyalty and repeat business.

The evolution of digital marketing has allowed big businesses to blanket market into the local space that previously was tightly held by the small business owner. eCommerce has also diluted the traditionally strong value proposition of convenience from buying local. For a long time now, franchisees with smaller marketing budgets have been on the back foot in vying for the customer dollar in the digital landscape.

As with most emerging trends, critical mass is achieved at the top end of town, and then the market responds with solutions that bring those offerings to small business. Digital targeting is now more granular than ever, the SEO algorithm is now weighted to focus on local, and tech companies are looking at ways to help leverage these shifts.

This means that Digital Local Area Marketing or Digital LAM is here now!

Local SEO



Social Advertising

Social Management

The Marketing Lab’s Digital Solutions allow you to engage us for vital local online marketing support in the way that suits your business. Leveraging best of breed online tools and the knowledge and expertise to integrate this type of marketing into your overall marketing plan, we can help franchisees on their Digital LAM journey.

From managing your online listing data for platforms such as Google My Business and protecting your online reputation, to running your social media and building paid Facebook advertising campaigns, our team can assist.

Our online portal helps us ensure your contact information is accurate across over 20 core directory listings and GPS sites. Our team of Marketing Specialists can also manage your social media pages, create strategic paid digital campaigns that drive engagement and leads, and monitor and respond to your online reviews.

When combined, these marketing iniatives can strengthen your organic local SEO making it easier for customers to find and choose your business.


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